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Ensafe India

Ensafe was founded by a group of eco-friendly solution seekers & entrepreneurs, looking for long-term solutions to the problem of plastic based carryable products. Ensafe was born with its mission to replace all portable & non-disposable plastics with high quality, innovative, recyclable based compostable bags which meet European Homes EN 13412, US Homes ASTM 0-8400 & IS/ISO 17088 compostability standards.

We, Bhavani plastics are the leading manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of plastic and packaging materials to all over India for more than 35 years.

Ensafe products are now available to end-consumers and to markets allowing everyone the chance to reduce their dependence on products that has higher carbon footprints, and commit to non-toxic, safe alternatives to plastic.

Our Mission

“Our mission to increase the knowledge and availability of compostable products, and to introduce new such products into the marketplace”.

Upgrading to eco system

We are conscious on upgrading our products to make the environment safe. We are manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of 100% compostable bags, which is the best substitute to plastic grocery bags, carry bags and day to day usage products.

Biodegradable shopping bags
carry bag

what we offer?


Compostable bags take less time to break after being discarded.


Compostable bags are completely safe and doest not contain any chemicals or toxins.

eco system

Compostable bags decomposes quickly so that it is safe for wild life and aids in growth of plants.


Compostable bags are created from domestic biomass materials


CPCB Certificate
CPCB Certificate

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